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Download mintcastnetworks.dll

This file has been reported to be part of a spyware/malware/trojan. It is likely that the problem you are experiencing is linked directly to the spyware/malware/trojan rather than an actual missing DLL-file and the recommended course of action is to first locate/remove the Malware. We do not recommend downloading this file.

MintCastNetworks is classified as potentially unwanted program because it is often deceptively installed with other free programs and updates. It is an ad-supported program developed for displaying ads in your web browsers. Download client for a free program that you need is packed with MintCastNetworks as an optional offer set for automatic installation. If you fail to disable MintCastNetworks, then it will infect your web browsers. While this program is not a virus per se, it is not safe to keep MintCastNetworks adware on your computer.

To remove mintCastNetworks manually, un-install it through your control panel.

Remove plugin from browsers

Internet Explorer:

  • Click wrench icon in the top right of Internet Explorer
  • Choose "tools"
  • Choose "extensions"
  • Choose "uninstall MintCastNetwork


  • Click opera button in top left corner
  • Choose "extensions"
  • Manage extensions
  • uninstall MintCastNetworks


  • Click "tools"
  • Add-ons
  • Uninstall MintCastNetwork

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