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[Our Support 2016-06-01]


The steam_apir.dll seems to only be used for breaking copyright protection on games. It is also identified as a threat by multiple antivirus

This file being missing is likely caused by your antivirus removing it after identifying it as a threat.

If you trust this file, re-install the program requesting it, and make sure your antivirus does not interfer.

Some scan results of this file;

  • Gen:Variant.Mikey.29030
  • Trojan.Mikey.D7166
  • Generic37
  • Gen:Variant.Mikey.29030
  • Trojan.Malware.Obscu.Gen.009
  • Win.Trojan.Agent-961111
  • Trojan.SkypeSpam.10528
  • Gen:Variant.Mikey.29030

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